Here you can report inappropriate, unethical or illegal conduct contrary to the GT Ventures’ Code of Conduct.

GT Ventures as a whole has adopted the Integrity Program as a fundamental systemic measure that reduces the risk of unethical or illegal behavior. Part of these adopted measures is the establishment of the GT Ventures’ Ethical line as one of the ways to report unethical or unlawful behavior. The management and operation of the ethical line is under the patronage of the GT Ventures’ CEO and independent lawyer consultants.

The principles of ethical conduct and negotiation are contained in the GT Ventures’ Code of Conduct.

Please, read the following instructions before reporting.

The ethical helpline is not intended to solve problems in terms of normal business relationships, including claims and customer complaints, and is not a means of handling personal issues among employees. It is not intended to report emergencies (such as fires, accidents, natural disasters) falling under the responsibility of police, rescue service, firefighters, or other public integrated rescue facilities.

Your messages are confidential. Retaliatory actions against anyone who has pointed out violations of the Code of Conduct or helped to reveal them are inadmissible. You may remain anonymous.

Personal Data Protection
All information provided through the ethical line is sent to the GT Ventures’ intern ethics committee. The data is secured against abuse, archived and stored in accordance with the applicable personal data protection regulations.

Evidence of complaints and development of investigations
Any notifier may, via the ethical line, be informed about the progress of the investigation into their report. Each notifier shall have the right to substantiate within the report the facts relating to the report and to provide evidence explaining the relevant circumstances and causes.

Legal consequences of misuse of the ethical line and the presentation of false data
Notifiers must be aware that if they consciously and intentionally present false or misleading information and/or present false accusations and harm others or the reputation of the company, sanctions or other legal consequences may be imposed on them.

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